Velvet Roots Apothecary

Velvet Roots apothecary is a small batch CBD and wild botanical apothecary based out of Colorado. Laura, owner and head herbalist, creates intentional based products for medicinal, self care and ritual purposes. Her mission is to help create a safe space where all can have open conversations about improving mental health while helping to find a comfortable balance between mind and body.

Focusing on CBD and botanical smoke blends, Laura has created a line of 8 + blends to help target issues like brain fog, trouble sleeping, and mood elevation. Along with blends used for ritual purposes like lucid dreamer, tender heart and sacred visions. Each blend is thoughtfully curated with love to help support the needs of others. Using organic and locally sourced herbs and CBD you can feel the care with every puff of each blend.

Velvet Roots Apothecary invites you to discover the healing power of plants – not just their physical medicinal properties but the deeper wisdom and gifts they have to offer.