15 Minute reading • 15 Min

Quick overview of your chart, introduction to personal planet placements and how they interact.

 Advanced Chart Reading • 30 min

One half hour session providing you with the basic understanding of your birth chart. Ranging on your awareness of astrology, can answer specific chart questions and locate where your blindspots are.

Life Path/Higher Purpose Evaluation • 60 min

This expansion of the previous session will excplore deeper areas of astrology. We will focus on the higher self by means of nodal coaching and self-awareness tools designed to fulfill your divine life path.

Synastry Reading • 60 min

This is a reading for two people to better understand one another. Mainly pertains to those involved in a romantic relationship, but can be for any two people with a significant relationship. Introduction of aspects in synastry astrology (the relationship between planets in two charts).