Reiki with Bianca

Guided Energy Healing + Reiki

In-person, 2hrs

 Reiki Only

In-person or distance, 45 min to an hour

Distance Guided Energy Healing

Distance (Zoom, Skype, Phone) Guided Energy Healing

*Free distance Reiki sessions for BIPOC
**Payment plans available – clients please inquire via email for information

About Your Appointment with Bianca

Typically sessions will be 45 min – 3 hours depending on the type of healing needed. The type of healing needed will depend on the 15 min minute consult at the beginning of the session. Sometimes a follow-up session is needed so that your healing will be most successful, and post-session practices will also be recommended to ensure you continue to flourish.  This may include additional sessions, new home care practices, nutritional changes, licensed psychotherapy, etc.

*A mandatory disclosure form and consent must be reviewed signed at the time of the session


I had no idea of Reiki prior to practicing with Bianca. The overall benefits and deep connection I felt from these sessions surprised me in the best way possible. I'm eager to continue!

– AK