Our Mission


Reign Beauty Academy is a secondary school offering alternative beauty education to fully prepare every student from any background for state licensure and a successful career in beauty. Reign’s holistically-oriented curriculum is continuously evolving and founded in accessibility and sustainability.  We believe that by fully preparing students with more comprehensive career training in an environment that supports creative growth we can make a positive impact on our local communities and the global beauty industry at large.

Available Programs

Esthetics Program (600 hours)

Nail Artistry Program (600 hours)

Travel Training + Certification Courses

Reign Beauty Academy is now offering domestic and international travel training programs to bring cutting edge beauty techniques and career development to anyone looking to expand their skill set and grow their business. We believe that advanced beauty education should be accessible and widely available for everyone, especially those who live and work outside of  popular training cities. 

Full Training Courses:

  • Nail artist 101 – 3 days
  • Nail Artist PRO – 3 days
  • Lash Artist 101 – 3 days
  • Lash Artist PRO – 3 days
  • Brow Design PRO – 2 days
  • Makeup Artist 101 – 1 day
  • Bridal & Event Makeup – 1 day 

Add-On Courses:

  • Gel-X Soft Gel Extension System – 1 day
  • Hard Gel – 1 day
  • CBD Manicures + Pedicures – 1 day
  • Herbalistm for the Nail Tech – 1 day
  • Holistic Nail Tech – 1 day

*discounts available for multiple training courses

**Tuition applies to groups & is available for 1-on-1 training as well

***Travel costs to and from desired location + Logding are not included in the prices listed above and are required for any travel courses.

What’s Included?

  • 1-3 days of hands-on training from top beauty industry professionals
  • Student career tool kits stocked with up to 50 client service applications
  • Curriculum workbooks
  • Post-training career support

Steps for Scheduling Your Training

  1. Visit our website and fill out the training inquiry form
  2. Select most appropriate courses for you and your team (discounts available for multiple courses)
  3. Submit your preferred dates
  4. Schedule a call with our assistant director to discuss/book trainings and arrange travel
  5. Pay course deposit (50% of tuition)
  6. Order any additional student kits needed
  7. Pay remaining tuition (due 2 at least two weeks prior to scheduled trainings)
  8. Prepare your space and arrange models for hands-on portion of trainings as specified by our assistant director during your call

Interested in our training?

Complete the inquiry training form and we’ll be in touch with the nest steps.

What Sets Reign Beauty Academy Apart?

Current beauty schools as they stand now operate from a very outdated model centered around consumerism and one-size-fits-all teaching modalities that only contribute to toxic beauty standards and the capitalistic emphasis on lack mentality. These schools teach students the bare minimum to pass exams and then launch them into careers with little-to-no understanding of what that career actually entails. We’ve created a very different educational experience to address this problem and ideally improve the industry in a way that is more sustainable, inclusive, and authentic. The time for surface beauty education is over and we are proud to be leading the charge.  

Career & Business Development

There’s a lot more to creating a successful career for yourself in the beauty industry than just learning the right techniques and passing the state board exam. Selecting your career path, setting professional goals. and understanding the systemic logistics to make it work are all part of the process. 

Professional Branding

Not to jump on the bandwagon or anything but due to the current state of world affairs (gestures around vaguely) branding is an essential part of growing a creative career.  This portion of our curriculum simplifies the process and each student will graduate from our programs with a basic website and correlating social media presence. 

Personal Wellness Support

If we don’t care for ourselves, we cannot show up and care for others.  Grind culture is not healthy and in fact limits us all from reaching our true potential and achieving our goals.  Learn how to set professional boundaries, take care of your mind and body, and maintain healthy habits in an industry that is oftentimes fast-paced and physically strenuous. 

Creative Community Projects

Be your own fashion designer at our hair & makeup shows which are hosted twice a year to raise proceeds for local charities and our Earth Month partner. From the behind the scenes planning to creating the hair style and makeup for the models, you’ll be involved in every aspect of the show.


Financial Wellness Training

Most of us aren’t taught how to properly handle our finances or invest in our futures, and to be honest, that’s total bullshit.  You don’t have to be on Wall Street to understand how money works and the consequences can be dire when you dive in uninformed. This portion of our program covers everything from understanding the basics of taxes, creating  personal and professional budgets, setting financial goals, and also includes and introduction to smart investing. 

Beauty Product Production + Manufacturing Lab Time

Learn all about the process behind beauty products from conception to sale.  Understanding the steps behind beauty product production helps establish better-informed consumer choices and builds client trust.

PRO Series

All of the certification programs included in our Full Career Programs are also available for enrollment as stand-alone courses for those who are already licensed and looking to continue their education. 

✓ Professional Directory Access 

Upon completion of a Full Career Program each student will receive a complimentary membership to the Reign Beauty Directory and Hiring Platform.  This offering features extensive job listings, professional networking opportunities, and relevant industry event information.

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