Mask-ne: Healing and Prevention Tips

Mask-ne: noun. breakouts and skin irritation caused by responsibly wearing your mask.


Steps to Preventing & Treating Mask-ne:

1) Change your mask daily and wash between wears.  You can either wash by hand with soap and hot water or throw it into the washing machine and tumble dry on low.  Please remember that the disposable blue masks CANNOT be washed and shouldn’t be reused either. Like underwear for your face! Like, yes you can wear the same mask daily but gross you know?

  • 2) Wash your face well before putting on your mask for the day.  This will help keep dirt and bacteria from getting trapped and causing more breakouts. Try a cleanser with glycolic and/or salicylic acid to help with existing breakouts.  Be careful with these cleansers if your skin is irritated though, this can cause further irritation and damage.

  • 3) Heavily moisturize your face before wearing your mask and then once you’ve de-masked for the evening, thoroughly wash your face and re-moisturize with oil or cream again before bed.  Full-spectrum CBD facial oils like the Sacred Ace CBD Face Oil will help hydrate and combat bacteria as some of the properties of full-spectrum are ANTI-Microbial and Anti-bacterial.  CBD is also anti-inflammatory which can help redness and swelling.

  • 4) Skip the face makeup if you can.  This is a great time to really focus on upping your brow and lash game and let your skin breathe (as much as a mask can allow.)

  • 5) Avoid harsh skin products (like retinol or benzoyl peroxide) if you are experiencing a lot of irritation.  I typically apply those primarily to my forehead area anyway so consider this strategy for yourself!

  • 6)  Schedule a CBD Mask-ne Facial with us!  We’ve designed a special service for the pandemic times to help you gently and safely exfoliate,  treat existing breakouts, and then add intense hydration.  We recommend booking this service about every 4- 6 weeks during the mask times to help keep your skin in the best shape possible.