Full Application • $80

A full-face of makeup designed to enhance your existing beauty & applied to YOUR specs and comfort level. All makeup applications include false (temporary) eyelash application unless otherwise requested.

Natural Application • $60

This is a very natural-looking application with no frills and minimal eye makeup.  Ideal for those uncomfortable with wearing makeup or for occasions that call for some coverage, subtle highlighting/contouring, and the lightest of light eye definition.

Just the eyes • $40

Exactly what it says. Detailed eye makeup applied with false lashes (included).

Cosplay | Body Painting | Costume

Includes but is not limited to: Full cosplay character styling and/or concept design, cirque/stage makeup, Halloween makeup/masks, elaborate face-painting, & (mostly full) body painting.  All costume makeup applications require a consultation beforehand to discuss concepts, materials, time estimates etc.

Price Upon Consultation