The Guide to All Things Lashes

Choose your own eyelash adventure!

What you need to know to choose the eyelash path that is best for you.

We all want them,  big beautiful Disney-princess-worthy eyelashes.  Every pop star and every Kardashian seems to rock the look every single day and luckily they have an entire squad of glam experts to execute this look for them.  How are we, mere peasants in their shadow,  expected to achieve such a flawless lash line?  Welcome to 2021,  the realm of seemingly endless cosmetic options.

Lets start with the basics:

False Eyelashes

False eyelashes (better known as falsies or strip lashes) are a temporary cosmetic accessory sold everywhere.  It’s best to measure them against the shape of the eye first as most falsies are larger than the average eye.  One size does not fit all in this case and not trimming them down can lead to popping corners and major discomfort.  They are applied by hand with careful precision (often by a friend or a professional but attempted by many in Saturday night pinch) by applying water-soluble lash adhesive and placing along the lash line.

This option is best for a one night event or party,  a costume, or just a little added drama for the night out.  While the falsies are sometimes reusable it is not recommended to sleep in them!  Always wash your makeup off , y’all!  It will add YEARS to your aesthetic if you don’t.

Next up:

Eyelash Extensions

There are three main types of eyelash extensions (synthetic, silk, mink) and they are applied in either a classic style or a volume style.  Classic meaning one eyelash extension is applied per natural eyelash, and volume meaning a fan of three very light lashes are created by the eyelash extension artist and applied per natural lash creating a voluminous effect.  The lengths of the eyelash extensions vary from .7mm to .17mm.  while the .17’s aren’t a length recommended by most, they are available if you can convince your lash artist to apply them.

The thing with lash extensions is they won’t damage your lashes as long as they are applied by a skilled lash technician and your natural lashes are healthy enough to support the weight to begin with.  A good lash artist knows that not all eyelashes can hold the same length/weighted eyelash extension and a bad one won’t care.  If you have fine, thin, sparse natural eyelashes you won’t be able to achieve the va-va-voom look with this method.  It just isn’t possible nor is it safe for your natural eyelashes or follicles.  This is also why anyone who has lost their lashes (due to cancer treatment or unfortunate manual curling accidents) cannot have extensions applied.  There must be a foundation for the extensions to build off of.

Full sets of eyelash extensions must be maintained.  Because your lashes shed and renew (this is a good thing and a sign of health) your lash extensions must be filled every two to four weeks (four at the very latest.)  Otherwise your set will begin to look patchy or disappear completely.  This service is ideal for anyone with lightly colored, short/strong, or straight natural lashes who can afford the time it takes to properly maintain the set.  It is also a nice option for weddings and events that take place over multiple days.  A full set of classic eyelash extensions takes about two hours for the service and the volume set will run to about two and a half hours.

And finally:

Eyelash Lifting (AKA Lash Perm)

Eyelash lifting is the new kid on the block as far as eyelash enhancing treatments go.  This treatment is a safe and fun way to add curl to your lashes and is best when paired with an eyelash tint.  It’s great for the gal (or guy!) who wants curl added to their eyelashes without the drama effect and maintenance of eyelash extensions.

The process takes about forty-five minutes or a full hour if paired with a tint.  After the lashes are cleansed, protective eye pads are applied underneath your eyes and over your bottom lashes (to prevent any from getting curled with the top.) Then eye-shaped silicon rods (chosen based on the length of your natural lashes) are adhered to each of your eyelids with a water-soluble adhesive.  After the lashes have been adhered and separated esthetically on the rod,  the perm solution is applied and then followed with a setting solution.  At the end of the process you will have lovely curled eyelashes without the hassles of an eyelash curler or heated wand;  luxury at its finest!

Hopefully this mini guide can help you navigate the world of lashes and lead you to your eyelash destiny.  It isn’t rocket science clearly but there are choices to be made based on your lifestyle and personal preferences.