Weddings + Events


$100/hr rental rate with a 1 hr minimum


  • 10% off retail

  • 15% off all services booked during event

  • Choice of Champagne, or Rosé

  • Private event space (Reign Rituals) will be closed to other clients and classes during the time of your event.


Bridal Makeup

Includes trial and consultation, full face of makeup with false lashes and a touch-up clutch with lip color and other touch-up tools.  Does not include travel fees (applies outside of Boulder/Denver only.) $170 or $90 w/o Trial

Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom

Includes full face of makeup with false lashes. $75

Junior Bridesmaid (Ages 8-15)

Includes blush, shimmery eyeshadow, lipgloss, mascara (optional.) $30

Flower girl (Ages 8 and below)

Any of the above application steps as preferred by parent/guardian. Free when booked with bridal makeup!


Camouflages any blemishes and evens out skin tone and texture. $40

Tattoo Camouflage

Consultation required before the wedding day for tattoo cover to determine price estimate and booking time needed.  Pricing and time frame depends entirely on the ink color, how new the ink is, and how big the tattoo is. $50-$200

Touch-Up Service 

Touch up service starts from the time the last person’s initial services end.  Touch ups are unlimited but only for individuals included in the contract. $100/hour

Bridal Eyelash Extenstions

Eyelash extensions designed specifically to fit your personal style, eye shape, and comfort level. The price includes a full set (recommended 1 month before ceremony) and a fill (recommended a few days before ceremony if possible.) $300

Travel Policies & Pricing

  • Travel fees are waived for all weddings within the city limits of Denver, CO. Any other drivable destination will include a travel fee of $120 + .20/mile from 80205 (round trip.) Travel requiring flights and lodging must be paid for in full and in advance. Airfare, lodging, and other transportation fees must also be covered by the bridal party, and a day rate may apply depending on the extent of the booking.

  • In-person or Skype consultations (for those out of town) are required for every bride.

  • A contract and deposit of 50% down are required for all travel weddings.

  • All travel weddings require a minimum of four people including the bride receiving makeup services.

  • A $200 holiday fee may apply to weddings scheduled on nationally recognized holidays (e.g. New Year’s Eve, Christmas, etc.)

  • Accommodations, airfare, etc. will be required for all out-of-state weddings.

Remember your face will be seen more than your shoes during your wedding so plan accordingly.
— James Turner
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