Keep ‘Em Fresh: Eyelash Extensions Aftercare

While the most important part of maintaining a healthy and beautiful set of eyelash extensions is hiring a qualified and experienced eyelash extension artist, the second most important step is the at-home aftercare. This is a great resource if you are brand new to the world of eyelash extensions or if you are a seasoned veteran of the lash extension world and are in need of a quick refresher on caring for your set. The following is a lis of do’s and don’ts to keep your set of classic eyelash extensions or volume eyelash extensions looking great while maintaining the health of your natural eyelashes.


1) Wash your eyelash extensions! In each application service a good eyelash extension artist will cleanse the lashes with a brush and foaming cleanser (made up of distilled water and a gentle soap) and then rinse the soap with a light splash of pure distilled water. This is something you should be doing at home as well. Especially if you wear any eye makeup. After the cleanse and rinse lightly dry the lash extensions with a micro fiber cloth if possible. Regular towels and washcloths have more loose fibers that can snag and catch your extensions. This is true of cotton balls and cotton rounds as well. The cotton can shred in your lashes which is more annoying than anything.

2) Brush those babies! Each eyelash extension service comes with a take-home silicon lash wand that is your personal tool for brushing your lashes each day. The silicon wands are better for extensions as they don’t catch the extensions and tug them out like the standard lash wands do. They are also easier to keep clean and last longer which cuts down on plastic waste. Brushing keeps your eyelash extensions from getting tangled and also combs out lashes that have already shed but haven’t dropped yet.

3) Use a lash growth serum! Your eyelashes undergo three phases in their growth cycle: anagen, catagen, and telogen phases. This is important to understand because these stages and the length of each phase can determine how long your extensions will last. The anagen phase is the active growth phase with anywhere from 15-20 days of active growth for 40% of your top lashes. The catagen phase is the dormant period that halts all growth and pigment production. While the last phase, telogen, is the period when your lashes shed to make room for new hair growing from the follicle. This stage can last between 30 to 45 days. Keep in mind that not all your lashes are in the same phase at the same time.

Enter the lash growth serum. Using an eyelash extension-safe growth serum can rapidly increase your lash growth in the anagen phase, and may also extend the period of time during the catagen phase as well. This keeps your natural lashes (along with the attached eyelash extensions) from shedding so soon therefore extending the life of your lash set.

4) Book you next appointment! Stay on top of your lash extension fills and your set will continue to look polished and full. When you wait too long your extensions begin to look patchy and scraggly and will require a new full set if you wait longer than 3 weeks. Your lash artist will also help to safely remove any funky, too-long lashes from your set as well. This can help prevent extra strain on your natural eyelashes and perfect the look of your extensions.


1) Don’t touch or pull on your extensions. The oils from your hands can break down the adhesive and shorten the lifespan of your set. Pulling and tugging on them is a problem as well and can cause them to shed prematurely. If you frequently pull them out your follicles may be damaged permanently.

2) Don’t use mascara!!! Most mascara has oil in it and therefore it can breakdown the bonds of the adhesive. Mascara is also very difficult to fully wash out of a set of extensions since it is literally painted onto (and in between) your lashes. This can cause clumping and possible infection from product buildup if your lashes aren’t properly cleaned. If you must use mascara, please use extension-safe mascara and try to only use it on your bottom lashes or if you absolutely can’t get in for a fill.

3) Wait 24 hours after application before getting your extensions wet. The professional lash adhesive is different than average glue because it cures when it comes in contact with moisture instead of just drying. Because the outside obviously cures before the inside fully does it’s important to wait for more time to ensure the adhesive is fully set before getting them wet. Does this mean you can’t shower? No. Just be careful to keep your eyelash extensions out of the stream of water. Also be careful when opening dishwashers mid-wash (steam) and be cautious when boiling water and cooking.

4) Don’t use oil on your eyelash extensions! When applying or removing makeup, make sure you’re using all oil-free products on your face. Oils can breakdown the adhesive bonding your eyelash extensions to your natural lashes and eventually can make them fall off