Donation Thursdays

Visit us every last Thursday of the month where our team will be offering donation-based services including brow shaping, deep cleanse mini-facials, skincare consultations, clean up manicures, herbal limpias, and oracle card readings! Our goal is to provide an opportunity for everyone to be pampered and receive spiritual medicine without having to stress financially. Join us, get to know our team, and tend to yourself before stepping into a new month! Please DM @reignrituals on Instagram or email to learn more, donate, or book a service.

Transitioning Beauty

Finding Aligned Personal Styles During Life Transformations

Personal style is our social currency- an unspoken exchange of information about who we are with the world around us. Often times when we transition into new chapters of our lives our personal style presentations no longer represent how we feel and who we are.  Clothes, hairstyles, and even makeup choices (or lack thereof) can feel stale, uncomfortable, and even unsafe.

This workshop is for anyone who finds themself in this position and would like professional assistance with uncovering this new style.  If you would like to request a workshop or a one-on-one session please email Zoom and in-person sessions are available depending on group size, COVID restrictions, and the comfort of the student(s).

Power in Beauty

Power in Beauty is a workshop for those experiencing appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment. We will cover a variety of techniques to assist with recreating brows and a lash lines, wigs and scarves, and gentle skincare. This workshop is available via Zoom or in-person depending on COVID. If you would like to know more or request a workshop please email