Low-Key Beauty Rituals for Lazy Days

Woke up like this… #tired

Woke up like this… #tired

Sometimes life calls for beauty on the fly because we don’t always have the space or energy to spend on full bathing rituals or the like. The following are some lovely tips to keep you feeling and looking like a true goddess babe even on the laziest days.

  • Bless your morning beverage (coffee, tea, hot water etc.) by expressing a positive affirmation out loud and stirring it clockwise to charge it.  Drink up your badass day energy as you start your day.

  • Use your shower time to cleanse you energetically as well as physically.  Visualize all your dark and stagnant muck is being rinsed off with the water and swirling down the drain.  

  • Draw your preferred sigils on you in your body lotion before rubbing the product into your skin.  This also works well with your foundation before blending into your skin.

  • Use body oils and facial oils after bathing.  Charge these babies (along with any other beauty product) in the moonlight on full moons. 

  • Choose music with that uplifts and/or calms you to set your mind right throughout the day.  Sad/angry music can and will bring you down if you are already leaning into that emotional space. It’s hard to feel radiant when you’re listening to 11 hours of 90’s grunge or 00’s intense emo.

  • Carry a crystal (or 5?) to emphasize your intention for the day.

  • Post it notes can be very helpful.  Keep your intentions written on them and place around your house, vehicle, and work space to remind you of your goals.

  • Wear velvet, silk, and other fine fabrics.  On a budget?  Double up on the magic and thrift for these items.  Thrift shops ALWAYS have great options and are 100% more eco-friendly than buying new.  

  • Paint your nails the color of the vibe you want to attract. 

  • See your favorite energy-minded beauty professional for a beautiful set of eyelash extensions to make looking glam everyday a very simple process (e.g. get up and go.)

  • Post a selfie with an affirmation online. Public self love is verrrrry powerful.