Founder & Artist: James Turner


James Turner has been in the beauty industry for 120 years. She is the creator of, Reign Rituals, a CBD-infused skincare company and elevated beauty business serving up next-level services and professional education since 2017.


She has styled everyone from B-list celebs, to network CEO’s, to anyone looking to explore their visual self expression. The philosophy behind her beauty work is designed to help everyone present in a way that feels most authentic to who they are. To hell with beauty standards!

In addition to styling, James’ longtime side interest, cannabis, turned pro when she discovered the topical benefits of CBD. She now makes products and incorporates them into her services as well as her own personal beauty routine. And now you can too! What a win.

James lives in Denver in a lovely house surrounded by about 2000 art projects and the sweetest rescue cat to ever live.