2021 Community Offerings

Mark Bosky Protest Capital Denver 768x1024 1
Photo of the June 2020 BLM Protests at the Capital in Denver, CO. Photo by Mark Bosky.

Community is priority at Reign Rituals. We are adamant about fostering a safe space to build a healthy foundation for a community, serving underprivileged communities, and engaging with communities already present in the 5 Points area. With Beauty and Wellness at the heart of our offerings, we provide a number of donation-based opportunities to share with community members on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. It takes a village, and Reign Rituals is here to create and hold that space. Community Beauty + Wellness = Community Empowerment + Healing!

Donation-Based Service Days

Visit us every last Thursday of the month where our team will be offering donation-based services including brow shaping, facial waxing, deep-cleanse mini facials, skincare consultations, clean up manicures, herbal limpias, and oracle card readings! Our goal is to provide an opportunity for everyone to be pampered and receive spiritual medicine without having to stress financially. Join us, get to know our team, and tend to yourself before stepping into a new month!

BIPOC Healing Circles

Now offering BIPOC Healing Circles! A place for Black, Brown, Indigenous peoples to come together to share, process, and heal our hearts and spirits from the oppression and traumas we experience unique to our communities as people of color in the U.S. These circles are designed to be a place to be in and build a strong foundation for community by respectfully and lovingly holding space for one another to process our experiences/feelings, and facilitate healthy ways to heal through community support. It is crucial for BIPOC folx to have our own spaces to unpack and heal our wounds with others who look like us and share similar experiences to ours; thus fostering an environment where we can have raw, unfiltered conversations and interactions that lead to our communal healing. In this space, we can work through anything from systematic oppression, social injustices, ancestral/generational/childhood traumas, racial inequalities, and more. Here is an opportunity for us to be authentic and vulnerable in a safe space, just for us, our ancestors, and our future generations.

Full Moon Cleansing

Stop by for Full Moon herbal limpias with Thalia! Full moons are a time for release; letting go of those things that no longer serve us or contribute to our growth as we step into a new lunar cycle. This is a great time to be cleansed and smudged down by our plant relatives that can help to restore balance and harmony to your being on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Give yourself permission to receive this herbal medicine, along with additional information about where blockages/imbalances exist in your body and how to actively heal those areas to keep yourself centered.

Mindful Mondays

Join us on Mindful Mondays with Thalia! Bring your yoga mat, blanket, or pillow and surrender to an hour of guided meditation and gentle stretching to invite peace and tranquility into your life. This is a great space to learn about the benefits to meditation, practice being present and still in the ‘now’, and to learn how to connect with the body through breath and stretching. No previous experience required; we only ask that you come with good intentions and an open mind, ready to breathe into relaxation.